Let’s work together to get your products where you want them to be: at the top of your French customers search results and in their shopping basket. The perfect course of action for you could include:

Translation/transcreation & localisation

Translation, transcreation and localisation of your product listings into French, including product titles, bullet points/features, product descriptions, A+ content and brand stores, ensuring your perfectly recreated tone of voice speaks to your French audience like a true local.

Content optimisation

Proofreading, editing or re-translating of your existing product listings with SEO in mind. Say goodbye to bad translations, non-localised content, typos and spelling mistakes, and hello to fully localised SEO-friendly French content with winning keywords to attract and wow your French customers.

Keywords & SEO

French keywords research and integration into your Amazon product listing titles and content to improve your ranking and product discoverability organically on, following SEO and Amazon Advertising best practices.

Digital marketing

Translation, localisation and transcreation of your digital marketing materials complementing your French product listings: headlines, taglines, metadata, advertising campaigns, display ads, product banners & infographics...

New product launches

Supporting your new product launches on or other e-commerce platforms - whether they happen weekly, monthly, seasonally or on an ad-hoc basis. Once I get to know your brand and products, I can ensure your new listings fit perfectly within the rest of your product range with consistently translated content.

Large projects/full product range handling

Do you have a large number of products to list on or other e-commerce sites? I handle the translation of large product ranges, with colour, size or style variations, ensuring your titles and product descriptions are consistent across your product range and reflect your brand voice coherently.

Content updates

Have you revamped your content? Updated your product descriptions? Decided to add A+ content to your product page? Let me handle the translation of this new content and integrate it seamlessly with your existing French product listings.