In the era of AI and machine translation, partnering up with a human, professional French translator is a smart move and a key step to set you apart from your competitors:


Trust through localisation

Only 39% of the French population reports being able to speak English to some degree. As a result, 60% of French shoppers claim they don't shop on foreign websites due to a lack of trust. In order to sell to the French, you need to speak their language and have a local presence.


Creativity and cultural sensibility

Your content is full of creativity and cultural references that reflect your brand’s identity. Machine translation sounds flat and awkward at best, gibberish and incorrect at worst. A creative translator will help you reach your target audience with catchy, localised content that stays true to your brand voice.


Localised SEO

SEO localisation should be part of your translation strategy: your potential customers need to be able to find you before they can buy from you. Each target country has its own search habits and cultural preferences, which only a professional SEO translator will be able to handle correctly and efficiently.


Content challenges

Marketing content often comes with extra challenges: character restrictions, clever slogans, style guides, HTML tags, specific Amazon guidelines... Machines are unable to use creativity to solve those issues – they need to be handled by an experienced professional.


The human touch

A friendly translator will get to know your brand, offer creative and cultural guidance and deliver localised content you'll be proud of. Developing a great working relationship with your translator is the best way to give your global expansion a fighting chance.


A worthwhile investment

From supply chain and legal requirements to compliance and financial implications, you’ve worked hard to get your brand ready for global growth. Professional translation is another vital piece of your success abroad - why risk a machine ruining all your efforts?


Using technology the right way

CAT tools, online dictionaries, research, terminology management, QA software… Professional translators know how to use technology to make the translation process as efficient as possible. We just don’t trust machines blindly to do the job for us, and neither should you!


Ready to start your translation journey?

As a qualified English to French Chartered Translator, I've been helping e-commerce and tourism brands launch and grow on the French market since 2014. Keep reading to find out more about my services and see how I could help you too!