Working with a translator who specialises in your type of content is extremely important if you want to get the best results for your translation projects.

Translators tend to specialise in one or several fields, including legal, medical, technical, literary, audiovisual and marketing translation. Each of these specialisations require specific skills and industry knowledge: as well as a linguistic background, translators are likely to have other qualifications and professional experience in law, medicine, marketing or a specific technical field for example.

As a marketing and e-commerce/Amazon specialist, I help brands launch and grow on the French-speaking market by localising and transcreating their content into compelling and idiomatic French.

But I also work with SEO requirements, keywords, character restrictions, brand voices and style guides. As well as translation and creative writing skills, I have industry experience in product listing creation, online merchandising and Amazon advertising techniques, having worked in-house as a French Translator / Online Content & Advertising Specialist for a retail distributor for over 3 years.

I would never accept legal or medical translation projects, as I have absolutely no knowledge of law or medicine – two areas which require a high level of specialised and technical knowledge.

So do spend time searching for a French translator with the right specialism and experience for your company. They will understand your industry, your jargon and your needs, and produce the best results for your business.

(Feel free to check out my portfolio to get a flavour of the kind of marketing and e-commerce translation work I do for my clients.)

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