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In the era of AI and machine translation, partnering up with a human, professional French translator is a smart move and a key step to set you apart from your competitors:


Trust through localisation

Only 39% of the French population reports being able to speak English to some degree. As a result, 60% of French shoppers claim they don't shop on foreign websites due to a lack of trust. In order to sell to the French, you need to speak their language and have a local presence.


Creativity and cultural sensibility

Your content is full of creativity and cultural references that reflect your brand’s identity. Machine translation sounds flat and awkward at best, gibberish and incorrect at worst. A creative translator will help you reach your target audience with catchy, localised content that stays true to your brand voice.


Localised SEO

SEO localisation should be part of your translation strategy: your potential customers need to be able to find you before they can buy from you. Each target country has its own search habits and cultural preferences, which only a professional SEO translator will be able to handle correctly and efficiently.


Content challenges

Marketing content often comes with extra challenges: character restrictions, clever slogans, style guides, HTML tags, specific Amazon guidelines... Machines are unable to use creativity to solve those issues – they need to be handled by an experienced professional.


The human touch

A friendly translator will get to know your brand, offer creative and cultural guidance and deliver localised content you'll be proud of. Developing a great working relationship with your translator is the best way to give your global expansion a fighting chance.


A worthwhile investment

From supply chain and legal requirements to compliance and financial implications, you’ve worked hard to get your brand ready for global growth. Professional translation is another vital piece of your success abroad - why risk a machine ruining all your efforts?


Using technology the right way

CAT tools, online dictionaries, research, terminology management, QA software… Professional translators know how to use technology to make the translation process as efficient as possible. We just don’t trust machines blindly to do the job for us, and neither should you!


Ready to start your translation journey?

As a qualified English to French Chartered Translator, I've been helping e-commerce and tourism brands launch and grow on the French market since 2014. Keep reading to find out more about my services and see how I could help you too!

What I do

I help lifestyle and luxury brands grow on the French market, enhance their credibility and visibility, gain customers' trust and increase sales in France through the following English to French language services:

Translation - Localisation - Transcreation - SEO localisation - MTPE - Editing - Proofreading

Who I help

I help e-commerce and hospitality brands, marketing and translation agencies, and Amazon Vendors/Sellers working in the following sectors:

Lifestyle - Homeware - Gifts - Kids & babies - Toys - Fashion - Wellbeing - Food & drink - Travel & tourism

Amazon France

I help brands stand out from the competition and increase their sales by creating optimised, high-quality French Amazon content, including:

Titles - Bullet points - Product descriptions - A+ pages - Brand stores - Images & videos - Advertising campaigns - SEO/keyword research

E-commerce & marketing

I help brands develop their unique French voice and identity by creating impactful content that sets them apart, including:

Product listings - Website content - Landing pages - Brand stories - Blog posts - Metadata - Advertising campaigns - Customer reviews - Emails - Newsletters

An extremely skilled French translator
Lucy Pembayun - Founder of LEaF Translations

We have been working with Clémentine for around one year now and she has been a pleasure to work with throughout. An extremely skilled French translator with a great deal of experience, Clémentine's work is always of a very high standard. She is always quick to respond to emails and always delivers on time, often going above and beyond expectations. Thank you for all of your great work to date, Clémentine!

LEaF Translations (SEO Translation & Keyword Localisation Services)
Impeccably high standard
Lee Sadan - Project Coordinator at Ultimate Languages

Clem has completed hundreds of English into French translations and revisions for our most valued clients working in the hospitality and marketing industries. Her work is always on time, and of an impeccably high standard. We value her attention to detail, as well as her linguistic expertise. She always translates not only the words, but the intention of the original text, which is incredibly important for the marketing and hospitality translations she is completing. Clem is extremely communicative with our team and she never hesitates to clarify things when in doubt. She is eagle-eyed and points out even the most minute details to further her understanding and quality. Even when delivering large volumes with unforgiving deadlines, the standard of Clem's work is consistently high. The Ultimate Languages team really enjoys working with Clem, and we could not recommend her services more!

Work sample
La perle rare
Camille K - French Marketplace Executive at ProCook

La perle rare : un français non seulement parfait, sans fautes, mais en plus qui respectait parfaitement l’esprit de ProCook. Clémentine est une traductrice hors pair et je vous la recommande vivement. Merci Clémentine pour le travail fourni !

Work sample
Truly helps brands impact the French market
Paul Mullin - eCommerce Content Manager

Clementine's diligence and ability to adapt content for different target audiences goes beyond traditional translation to eCommerce localisation that truly helps brands impact the French market. A joy to work with, Clementine is professional, reliable, inquisitive and dedicated to the best outcome.

A true gem
Monika Lechner - Content Marketeer at European Player Network

I cannot recommend working with Clémentine enough! We worked with her on our Amazon ASINs where she did the MTPE (Machine Translation Post Editing). Not only was she super timely with delivering all tasks according to deadlines, but she also helped improve the English copy where needed. Without her keen eye for details a couple of embarrassing typos would have made it into the world. Her knowledge of Amazon SEO was super helpful! While taking the effort to getting to know our products, she also was very fast and delivered everything in high quality. A true gem to have in the team, in-house as well as freelance!

Work sample
Highly recommended
Martin Case - Multichannel Growth Expert at Martin Case

I have worked with Clementine on a number of Amazon projects. Her attention to detail and understanding of Amazon is exceptional. All translations have been supplied in good time and in an easy to read format. These translations are already increasing sales for our brands. Highly recommended.

All the skills we look for in a translator
Yolanda Pardo Suárez - Client Success Manager at Ultimate Languages

I have had the pleasure of working with Clementine for over a year now, collaborating on one of our hospitality client account. She has demonstrated all the skills we look for in a translator: professional, responsive, understanding, proactive and a great customer service. The quality of her translations is outstanding. We look forward to many more years of successful collaboration.

Work sample
Em - Amazon assistant at Teapigs

Superb! Timely, very professional and reliable. I am looking forward to doing more work together.

Work sample
Incredibly organised
Matt Eckersley - Senior National Account Manager (Amazon)

Clementine delivered challenging translation projects, featuring specific category-related terminology, without issue. There was confidence that not only the translation but also the context was accurately represented in all of her work. Incredibly organised, Clementine is extremely structured in managing projects, always ensuring tight deadlines were delivered against.

Work sample
Professional and easy to work with
Kiyan Foroughi - Boticca CEO & Co-founder

Clementine was very prompt, professional, and easy to work with. Her translations were excellent and in a native style that respected the context of the products we sold (in this case, fashion accessories). I would happily recommend her services to anyone seeking English/French translations, as she achieved great results for us and delivered above all expectations.

Work sample
An amazing person to collaborate with
Enifa Lika - Translation & Localization Senior Project Manager at Ultimate Languages

Clem has been working with our company since February 2021, in particular on a large, regular project involving localisation for the hospitality sector. She is an amazing person to collaborate with. Friendly, responsive, knowledgeable and passionate about what she does. Always there for us and always ready to help. I could not recommend Clem enough!

Work sample
Enthusiastic, experienced, diligent
Liz Titchmarsh - Head of Retail at Kondor

As an online content and advertising specialist, Clem used her highly developed language skills to drive growth of brands in the EU Amazon territories. If you are looking for an enthusiastic, experienced, diligent and skilled online content exec, I would recommend you contact Clem.

Work sample
A fantastic job
EasyCar - Travel & tourism blog articles

Clémentine did a fantastic job of translating a lot in a fairly short space of time. Punctual and courteous in her email responses I would certainly look to use Clémentine's services again. Thank you very much!

Work sample
Un style fluide et agréable à lire
Weekly translations for a luxury online fashion retailer

« Merci beaucoup pour ton excellent travail cette semaine. Tes traductions sont élégantes et fluides. » « Nous sommes vraiment satisfaits de la qualité de tes traductions. Ton style est fluide et agréable à lire. » « Merci de ton travail sur ce batch. L’expression est fluide, tu as fait un vrai effort pour varier le vocabulaire et les formulations pour éviter de tomber dans la routine, bravo! »

Work sample
Excellent translation skills
Flavie Bordes - Editorial Manager at Quill Content

Clémentine worked with us on a major localisation project for a luxury fashion online retailer over 7 months. She demonstrated a good understanding of fashion content and excellent translation skills, complying with the client's luxury tone of voice and meeting their complex SEO requirements. Clémentine was pleasant to work with, always reliable, and produced work of a high professional standard.

Work sample

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Get to know me imageGet to know me image
Hi, I'm Clem!

Born and bred in France, I moved to England in 2004. My career as a linguist spans two decades and two professions: I worked as an MFL teacher for 10 years before becoming a freelance English to French translator in 2014.

French is my mother tongue and English is my habitual language of use. I spend my life constantly switching between both languages, but only translate professionally from English into French. I also hold dual nationality - French since birth and British since 2023.

My hands-on experience of both countries, languages and cultures is backed by the following credentials:

I live by the sea in Dorset with my British husband and my two bicultural daughters, who keep me very busy when I’m not working!

If you would like to know more about my experience, feel free to check out my FAQ section and portfolio, request my CV, check out my LinkedIn profile or simply get in touch for a chat!


Contact & pricing image
Your project is unique and will be individually quoted for based on the sector, complexity, wordcount, format and delivery timeframe of your content.

To discuss your specific needs and receive a free no-obligation quote:

  • get in touch by email at clem@clementineterrelltranslation.com 
  • or send me a message on LinkedIn

I look forward to meeting you!

I specialise in marketing translation for Amazon, e-commerce and travel & tourism clients.

I translate from English to French (for France)

My services include translation, localisation, transcreation, copywriting, editing/proofreading & content optimisation (SEO). Offering these services allows me to tailor my approach to your content, ensuring the final result is the best it can be for your brand and customers.

I do not provide legal or medical translations - these fields require specialised translators with legal and medical knowledge on top of their language skills, which I do not claim to have.
I am a native French speaker and speak English fluently as my habitual language of use. I moved to the UK in 2004 at the age of 20 and consider myself fully bilingual and bicultural.

I spend my life constantly switching between both languages, but only translate professionally from English into French.
I work directly with brands and agencies (usually marketing or Amazon agencies) who sell their products on the French market, either through Amazon, as a Vendor or a Seller, or their own website.

Most of the brands and agencies I work with are based in the UK, but I have also worked with clients based in France and Switzerland. As long as you are able to provide your content in English and are looking for a fluent French translation, we can work together.
I worked as an in-house translator and online content & advertising specialist on the Amazon team of a retail distributor for 3.5 years, where I learnt the ins and outs of Amazon content and marketing.

I was responsible for the creation, translation, optimisation and performance of our consumer products on Amazon.fr and other EU marketplaces, which included translating and optimising product listings, A+ pages, brand stores and advertising campaigns.

I achieved the Amazon Advertising accreditation in November 2019, and the Amazon for Retail certification in November 2020, 2021 and 2022.

I have translated Amazon content for a large number of brands, including KitSound, Kitvision, Speck, Tech21, Magnitone, My Doodles and Teapigs.
I understand that it is tempting to use freely available tools like Google Translate or DeepL to save time and money when translating your content, but it is a false economy.

Whilst these tools have their uses, they are unable to translate marketing content aimed at customers. They cannot handle creative content, puns, jokes, or cultural references, and produce mediocre results which will harm your brand image and push customers away.

If you would like to read more on this topic, take a look at my LinkedIn article entitled "How to handle your online content translation as a growing e-commerce business".
Yes, I am a Qualified Translator and Chartered Linguist. My credentials include:

I follow the CIOL's and ITI's Codes of Conduct, and therefore only translate English into French, my native language.
Unfortunately I won’t be able to help, as I am an English to French translator and you will need an interpreter to help you.

Interpreters translate spoken language orally, whilst translators translate the written word. Interpreting is a very specific professional skill which require a lot of training and expertise.

I would recommend you take a look at the Institute of Translation and Interpreting's directory to find a suitable interpreter. 
Your project is unique and will therefore be individually quoted for based on the sector, complexity, wordcount, format and delivery timeframe of your content, with a free no-obligation quote.

Depending on your needs, I will either quote per word, per hour or project.

My services are available on a wide range of freelance options to suit your needs, from one-off translations to ongoing, long-term collaborations.
This will depend on the volume and type of content. I will review your content and include a timeframe for delivery with my quote.

On average, I translate between 250 and 300 words per hour for marketing content, but this may vary depending on the complexity of the content.
My Terms of Business are available through the link below.

You will receive a password with your quote in order to access the document, and will need to read and agree to the Terms before starting our collaboration.

Click here to review my Terms of Business

  • When you first get in touch, I will need to find out:

- Who your brand is and who your audience is
- What content you need translating (this could be provided in a word or Excel document, or with links to your existing UK listings or website)
- A wordcount
- Your ideal deadline
- Any style guide or particular needs

  • I will then provide a quote, including a price and proposed completion date.

  • I will need your written confirmation that you accept my quote, deadline, Terms of Business and payment terms before starting the work.

  • I will be in touch with you if I have any question or doubt about your content during the translation process.

  • Your translation will be sent to you in the agreed format by the agreed date.

  • You will receive my invoice at the end of the month in which the work was completed. My payment terms are 30 days from the invoice date, and I accept payment by bank transfer (preferred) or PayPal.
Get in touch at clem@clementineterrelltranslation.com and let’s talk about your English to French translation project!