Before getting a translation quote, it is always wise to prepare some information about your project.

Your needs as a client are unique and your translation quote will be based on the particular characteristics of your project. There is no "one size fits all" price package.

These are questions a translator is likely to ask you in order to get a feel for your project and provide an accurate quote, so be prepared!

● What are the languages and/or variants involved?

● What is the topic matter?

● What is the purpose of the translation?

● How many source words need be translated?

● What is your (ideal) deadline?

● How will the content be sent and where will it need to be translated? (Excel or Word doc or directly into your CMS, Amazon seller account or Shopify, for example.)

● If not bound by a NDA, are you able to share the content to be translated, or at least part of it? (Make sure you’re happy with it first and that it doesn’t need any editing or proofreading.)

● Do you have a short project brief? (More about this in my next post.)

Give the translator as many details as possible about your project in order to get an accurate quote and to make sure you end up working with the best possible person for your particular needs.

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