So you’ve found the translator you’d like to work with!

You’ve given them an initial info pack about your project (see my tip n°7: https://lnkd.in/dQ9b9xgX), you’ve discussed your particular needs in terms of content, workflow, deadline etc… and they’ve given you a quote you are happy with.

Before your translator starts working, they may still ask you a few more questions regarding the finer details of your project – this is where the project brief comes into play.

Ideally, a translation project brief should follow the original copywriting brief which was created when your content was first written in English – with some extra details added in – and should answer the following questions:

● What is the purpose of the translation?

● Where/how will it be published?

● Who is your target audience? Who will read the translation?

● What is your tone of voice?

● Do you have a general style guide for your brand?

● Do you have any glossaries?

● Have you had any translation done previously (which you were happy with), to use as reference?

● Do you have any other reference materials?

Giving as many details as possible to your translator will ensure they have the right tools to do the best job possible!

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